Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Day As Holly's Kids

Ok, so yesterday I discovered that in 2011 RIKER LYNCH was in a short film! I watched the trailer and was instantly in love!

I really want to watch this movie and so do all the other R5ers, but sadly the movie is no longer available! If ANYONE has any information about this movie, please let me know! I would really love to watch it!

This is the plot:  A story about two extremely blond siblings who spend a day away from the teen shelter they call home, by breaking into their dream home and pretending they live there instead. Though empty at first, the house is suddenly filled with people - Chinese people. The siblings are instantly mistaken to be the kids of the only extremely blond woman invited to the birthday party that has an otherwise all Chinese guest list. For a short day, they experience what it is like to be part of a huge family. Until that extremely blond woman shows up. (source:

Ross and Rydel are even minor characters in the movie! But Riker is the main character. The movie is said to be about 14 minutes long.

Maybe we could possible contact the director:  and see if she still has access to the movie!

So lets all work together to find this amazing film and all watch it together!

Ready Set Rock PEOPLE! ~Isi


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